About your divorce paperwork


At Westside Collaborative Law PLLC, we won't handle DIY or low-dollar self-help divorce filings because King County offers free classes that will allow you to file your divorce yourself, and for $35 trained professionals will review your paperwork.

Companies that charge you for help with the court paperwork are not giving you a good deal because their product is already available for free, and the free versions are the versions sanctioned by the courts. The for-profit companies are not charging fairly.

More important, your paperwork isn't all there is to a divorce. By the time you divorce, you're probably really frustrated and tired of having the same conversation over and over. That's where we can help.

We can explain your options and work on creative solutions. Don't pay someone else to file your paperwork - it's free or low-cost anyway. Focus your efforts on the agreement that you will file. An agreed order (meaning both of you like the order and ask the judge to sign it as-is) will avoid the fight and most of the paperwork.

You can take charge of your divorce. At Westside Collaborative Law PLLC, your divorce is in your hands. Jeff and Liz Steen