Feel better in a Divorce

5 science-backed strategies to build resilience:

When the road gets rocky, what do you do?


A mentor of mine recently passed away, and I was heartbroken—so I tried my best to avoid thinking about it. I didn’t even mention it to my family because I didn’t want those sad feelings to resurface.

In other words, I took the very enlightened approach of pretend it didn’t happen—one that’s about as effective as other common responses such as get angrypush people awayblame yourself, or wallow in the pain. Read More.

Self-care /= spa visits (or at least not only spa visits)

We’re trained to think of self care as something you buy - it’s that expensive spa package gift card (sitting unused while you try to find a free weekend afternoon). Or that luxurious bubble bath (that you never take because cleaning the tub is too icky right now). The truth is, self care is not a special occasion treat. It’s finding what nourishes you. This column from Carolyn Hax is a classic and will change your life. Read more.