We’re here to help you settle your family law issues without going to court.

Uncontested Divorce

90% of all divorce cases settle without a trial. The average court case is $37,500. An uncontested divorce lowers the fees and the stress. If you’re not fighting, and you know you want to separate with as little conflict as possible, then we can help you with an uncontested divorce in Seattle.

Agreed Orders

An “agreed order” is when both spouses sign a divorce petition and whatever other paperwork the court needs for a divorce, parenting plan, or property settlement. Agreed orders are more flexible and, most people feel, more fair than a judge’s or arbitrator’s decision.


Most people struggle to have a calm, focused discussion about money or parenting during their separation or divorce. Mediation can help both sides feel heard. Brainstorming and finding creative solutions that allow both parties to feel respected and safe are easier with a professional who’s trained in conflict management and facilitative mediation.

Settlement Agreements/ CR2A Contracts

Divorce in Seattle can be settled with an agreement between the parties separating their assets and debts between the two former spouses. Under court rules, this agreement is legally enforceable, just like any other contract. You don’t need an attorney to create a settlement agreement. But an attorney can help you avoid any issues, and only an agreement “attested to” by an attorney will be considered legally part of the divorce under court rules.

Collaborative Divorce is when both parties, and their lawyers, sign an agreement to settle their case without litigation under Washington’s state laws that govern collaborative divorces. See RCW 7.7. Some collaborative divorce practitioners also assign the parties a therapist and a financial professional. The therapist helps the parties speak to each other respectfully. The financial professional makes a list of their assets and debts, and divides their property by 50%. This process, with all the professionals and two attorneys, normally costs about $10,000 to $18,000 - which is still cheaper than litigation. And most collaborative divorces take about a year. Because a full collaborative divorce can be such a huge commitment, we generally prefer to allow the parties to work out their own list of assets, with their own therapist (if they want one). This saves time and fees. Our collaborative divorce process is around $2,000 for our services only.

Collaborative Divorce

Parenting Plans

Washington State doesn’t have “custody” for children. Instead, married and unmarried parents establish each parent’s time with their children with a parenting plan. The parenting plan lays out visits during the school year and on holidays. An uncontested or agreed parenting plan can include language that you choose and allow your family more control than a court-ordered parenting plan.

Parents can use an uncontested divorce or an agreed order to set a child support schedule that works for both households. It’s hard when families are trying to set up two households with the same income that supported one household before the divorce or separation. An uncontested divorce or agreed order allows parents to work together to make the most of what they have.

Child Support