File for Divorce in Seattle


King County divorce and family law forms

We can help you agree, sign, and file all of the paperwork you need, without you ever having to go to court.

Washington requires everyone to use mandatory forms. Click below to find the paperwork you need for a divorce, parenting plan, or other family law matter in Seattle, King County, Washington.

CR2A agreements in washington

CR2A agreements allow you to protect your privacy, your assets, and your relationship. The agreements can be signed before the mandatory 90-day waiting period for a divorce. This is particularly convenient if one party is moving out of state before the waiting period is up.

Steps to settlement

You can manage your relationship’s transition in a way that is respectful and fair for you and everyone in your family.

The steps are: agree, sign, and file.

First you meet to create an agreement that feels fair. Once you know what you want to do to allocate your assets and give each parent time with your children, if any, then we can prepare your court forms for you to sign. Most couples sign in our office, although some like to sign separately, in private.

Finally, we file your paperwork in court without you ever having to go to court. Only an attorney can give you a divorce without going to court.