Collaborative Divorce can help you reach a good agreement. Because all energy is focused on reaching good, durable, agreements, Collaborative Divorce can be more effective and efficient than conventional lawyer-assisted divorce negotiation or litigation. In many ways, Collaborative Divorce is like mediation but with additional professional support. Each spouse has his/her own Collaborative lawyer who actively co-facilitates the discussions, and who supports and advises you. Other Collaborative professionals with subject matter expertise are commonly added to the team. Because Collaborative professionals are also trained in mediation skills, there is no need for a separate mediator.

In Collaborative Divorce, the clients and the lawyers commit to work towards an agreement in good faith—with integrity, with transparency, and with a commitment to not go to court. The focus is solely on helping you and your spouse reach an agreement that is in alignment with your goals, addresses your concerns, and is carefully thought through—and to do so without creating unnecessary or confrontational conflicts. The Collaborative lawyers provide the structure and guidance so negotiations can be safe and supportive. You make your own decisions about your future and participate fully in the discussions.

With the support of your own Collaborative lawyer, you will learn about the decisions to be made and how to address what’s important to you. Because you and your spouse each have individualized professional support, you each have the benefit of advice (and education, if needed) from seasoned professionals to help you consider the full range of options and implications. You have the peace of mind that all the legalities are addressed and the details are properly handled.